Caspla Bali Beach Club (Hotel, Restaurant, & Bar)

Caspla Bali Beach Club (Hotel, Restaurant, & Bar) is one of part three side business from Caspla Bali Company. Our Caspla Bali Beach Club (Hotel, Restaurant, & Bar) business service are specialist of sea activity tourism business Our service are : Stay in Hotel, Breakfast/Lunch/Dining in Restaurant, swimming in the pool, Water Sport, Drinking in the Bar, etc.


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Seawalker Caspla Beach Club Nusa Penida

Underwater marine tourism is the famous seawalker CASPLA Beach Club Nusa Penida. This area is very famous for the beauty of the sea so many foreign and local tourists are not wasting time to stop by here. Minimum age to be able to participate seawalker is 12 years and maximum 65 years. But it is possible above 65 years of age can also participate depending on the physical and psychological condition.

The game is very safe. First: You use a swimming suit, which has been provided + using special shoes + special helmet international standards. Secondly, our guide already have a high-flying and licensed. They will always provide direction first before you "dive" into the water. Later in the water, they also always stand watching you. From the beginning down to the water to finish the game and go up to the pontoon boat.

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Flying Board

This water sport is still relatively new so many tourists who do not know about this watersport compared to the activity that has been known in advance such as snorkeling, banana boat, jet ski, and so on. Despite the new, but flyboard no less challenging than other types of water sports.

Flying board is one kind of water sport that uses the board as wakeboard with a pair of shoes attached separately on board as the main equipment. Besides the sensation of flying is also the allure of this game. You will be made to fly with a board attached to a result driven by high pressure water. This game does rely on three things: the strong water pressure, calm sea and the ability to play jet ski.

the price you pay to enjoy the game Flying The board also includes the cost of taxes, insurance services and safety course. So, you do not need to be afraid to mess around with other additional costs.

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Jet Sky Water Sport

Jetski is a water motor vehicle, which engined jet. Users can carry like to bring a motorcycle. There handlebars and gas. Quite simply pull gas, jetski was immediately able to glide.

Our guides usually take over control from behind while your child is stay sitting in front of him. So with the experience of our guides in a professional handle the job, safety is a major factor that is a priority.

For adults, riding a jetski  will still be accompanied by the guide. Only difference with the kids, the adult participants are given the discretion to hold steering and pulled the gas. Guides pillion behind only oversee and steer to safety.

Nusa Penida Hotel
Rolling Donut Caspla Watersport

Rolling Donut game is similar to banana boat. Boat-shaped donut which we sit, the same drawn speedboat then taken out to sea and occasionally retractable zig-zag -shaped and twisted around the middle of the sea.

When the donut-shaped boat, you are riding drawn with the same high-speed speedboat, which was then the direction speedboat suddenly turn then this is where the sensation of "rolling" donut is felt. This sensation will you feel during 15 minutes of play Rolling Donut at sea. And this time it is considered sufficient when you also have other holiday schedule to visit.

The game is certainly safe. Before playing, you are required to wear a life jacket. At the time sitting in a donut boat do not forget gripped the handle on the left and right. When boat road, you have to stay in a seated position that has been suggested by a guide.

Nusa Penida Hotel
Banana Boat

Banana boat Caspla Beach Club Watersport is a water game that uses a boat in the form banana. There are no machines and no gas is but a banana boat is towed to use speedboats with a rope as a liaison. Before the banana boat ride, you are required to use a life jacket that has been provided at the site. Keep in mind, banana boat able to carry up to 7 participants, plus one person guides. When later on the high seas have started traveling approximately 15 minutes fro while rocking. More fun and more exciting will be more fun when we dropped into the water simultaneously.